Ministers pat Collector, SP for ensuring Covid 19 free status


Education Minister KA Sengottaiyan and Environment Minister KC Karupanan patted Collector C Kathiravan and SP S Sakthiganesan by giving them shields at the Erode medical college hospital at Perundurai as a way of appreciating their tiredless efforts to ensure Covid 19 free status for the district.

It may be recalled that initially the district has 70 corona patients and came II in the rank of having highest number of patients next to Chennai. But, due to the effective work of the district and police administration, the curfew norms were strictly enforced and no new Coronavirus cases were reported in the district.

All 70 persons who got treatment in the GHs and medical college hospital, 69 got full remedy and only one died in Erode GH. Now, the district has no Covid 19 cases. As a way of appreciating such status, the ministers greeted the collector and SP.

All MLAs of the district attended the function at the medical college hospital where 4 Covid 19 patients were discharged after being fully cured on Tuesday.

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