Minister faces problems to lure voters at Bhavani

In Bhavani constituency, AIADMK candidate and Environment Minister KC Karuppanan is facing some problem in luring voters in the segment due to various issues in the segment.

As he continued to work in support of a particular community, there was strong dissatisfaction among the Vanniyar community.

In the segment, 55 per cent are Vellala Gounders and other communities and 45 per cent are Vanniyars.

Thus, every time, the AIADMK, and the DMK, will give a chance to those who belong to the Vanniyar community in the constituency.

This constituency will be allotted to the BJP for some time in the coalition party.

This time, the Vanniyars demanded that Bhavani or Anthiyur be given to someone from their community.

Accepting this, the DMK gave the opportunity to AG Venkatachalam in Anthiyur.

Bhavani and Anthiyur area Vanniyars are dissatisfied that the AIADMK has not been given a chance in both the constituencies.

In Bhavani constituency, they suggested to Karupanan to contest in Anthiyur and give the Bhavani seat to a Vanniyar.

But he refused. Vanniyar can not At the same time, as the DMK has given Anthiyur seat to AG Venkatachalam, the Vanniyars votebank shifted to the DMK.

Besides, Karupanan, as suburban party district unit, gave all vital posts like Aavin,EDCCB, Coop Union andmany coop institutions chairmen posts etc to Goundars only etc, hurting the feeling of Vanniyars.

The GST and ban on plastics hit the power loom units, carpets, and cloth bag manufacturers etc in the region.

Even, proper garbage disposal yard was not created for Bhavani town, though he is the environment minister.

A large site, bought by dyeing unit holders, for the construction of a dyeing unit waste water treatment at Kadayampatti was remain idle for the past many years.

So, the texile effluents and sewage water directly mix with the Cauvery and Bhavani rivers. But, the minister did not look into such issues and take any step to promote handloom carpet and powerloom sector.

In this situation, the AIADMK cadres were upset as the issue resonates strongly whereever he goes for campaign.

Opposing him is DMK candidate KP Durairaj, whose campaign centered on these issues which added more strength to him. The neglect of the Vanniyar population has caused great trouble for the minister, many observed.

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