Mess in the assignment of election work at Erode

Election staff rued over some bunlings made in the assignment of work in polling stations like assaining the work to be done by office assistants and night watchmen to graduate teachers and vice versa.

13,600 teachers and civil servants will be involved in the work in all 8 Assembly constituencies in Erode district.

Headmaster or Office Supervisor will act as Polling Station Polling Officer Level 1, Graduate Teacher, secondary grade Teacher or Assistant (Promoted to graduate Assistant category ) as Level 2, Office Assistant, Night Guard as Level 3, 4.

There will be 3 officers in the polling booths with less than 750 votes and 4 in the polling booths with more than 750 votes.

The Polling Officer will also oversee the overall polling activities.

Officers at the level of Head Masters have been appointed for this task.

Graduate teachers and intermediate teachers should be appointed for the post of Polling Office Level 2.

But in some polling stations the office assistants and night guards were allotted Level 2 teachers work of checking and verifying the voter list and voter identification documents.

The order has been issued to do that work for the office assistants and night guards who are on duty in 8th standard.

However, the tasks to be performed by the polling station level officer 3, 4 should be like putting indelible
ink on the finger and pressing the button on the control machine.

Such works are assigned to the graduate and secondary grade teachers.

The problem is said to be more in Gobichettipalayam constituency of Erode district.

As the first election training class for the staff is scheduled to start on March 18, the staff have demanded that action be taken to sort out the problem and issue work orders as directed by the Election Commission.

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