May 17 Iyakkam slams ADMK and BJP

May 17 Iyakkam led by Thirumurugan Gandhi has clearly put out its electoral stance as against the AIADMK-led alliance.

The organisation which mainly advocates for Tamil Nationalism has said in an official statement that it vehemently opposes BJP and therefore the ADMK which has joined hands with the BJP.

The statement says, “The forthcoming Assembly election in Tamil Nadu has become a one on one battle between the anti-secular BJP and the rest of the democratic forces.

Hence May 17 Iyakkam vehemently condemns BJP and the AIADMK that has formed an alliance with the BJP and requests the people of Tamil Nadu to vote in such a way that the AIADMK-BJP alliance faces a humiliating victory”.

The statement adds that the central government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi refuses to give away the states’ share of excise taxes collected for the petrol-diesel products, which was more than Rs 1 lakh crore.

It further alleges that the centre also refuses to give away GST shares for the states. It adds, “By increasing the burden of debts to the states, the Modi government has curtailed the federalism that has been enjoyed by the states as per the Indian Constitution”.

The organisation has also condemned the loss faced by the TN Electricity Board worth Rs 1,60,000 crores and alleges that the loss was due to private investments. It further says that a similar kind of situation is faced by the Transport Corporation as well.

The organisation has also condemned the ruling government for taking over almost 1 lakh acres of land from small and medium farmers for developmental projects such as 8-way roads, the Cauvery-Gundaroo project and so on.

The organisation has also condemned the ADMK government for supporting BJP in many of the anti-people schemes like the highways or expansion of roads, Hydrocarbon project, thermal power projects which are also against the environmental good.

Apart from this, the ADMK government has not taken a single step to ask for the pending funds that were allocated for natural calamities like Chennai floods, Gaja, Nivar, Okhi and Vardha cyclones. The organisation also condemns the state government for having taken severe action against those who have fought for their democratic rights.

The statement quotes the incident of the Sterlite protest in which 15 people lost their lives. “BJP has brought down the economic stability of Tamil Nadu because of privatisation, unemployment, rejection of Tamils for employment in Tamil Nadu and so on.

The ADMK instead of opposing, rather supported the CAA, NIA and UPA bills. The ADMK also allows the anti-secular policies of the BJP such as forcing Sanskrit thereby rejecting the Tamil language” the statement adds. May 17 Iyakkam was initially formed to fight for the civic rights of Tamil nationals thereby fighting against the Genocide of Tamil Eelam.

In that regard, the organisation reproves the ruling state government for not having taken any progressive action towards the release of the 7 convicts in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case, the liberation of Tamil Eelam and their demand for an Internation probe into the genocide. Finally, the statement elucidates that May 17 movement supports the political parties which stood against the above said ant-social things.

It further says that it appreciates and lends its support to such parties including MDMK, VCK, CPI, CPI(M), MMK, Thamizhaga Vazhvurimai Katchi, Adi Tamilar Pervai, SDPI and Viduthalai Thamil Puligal Katchi. “We vehemently deplore the parties like Makkal Needhi Maiyyam which do not drive the people in the right direction rather divert them from deciphering the actual anti-social activities of the fascist rule that the ADMK-BJP advocate.

We would like to take it to the people that the future of Tamil Nadu will be shattered because of these parties” The statement ultimately says that the people of Tamil Nadu should wisely think and vote for the right candidate who would work for the benefit of the people.

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