Matrimonial fraud: Man held for cheating 100 women

A man from Chennai was on Thursday arrested in Pune, who had deceived nearly 100 women from various parts of the country and swindled millions of rupees with claims of marriage.

Premraj Devraj D’Cruz from Chennai contacted a woman living in Pune through a matrimonial website last April and talked about getting married.

The woman, trusting his words, got close with him.

Premraj took advantage of this and had taken money from her up to Rs 11 lakhs.

But since he had been dodging by not getting married, the woman lodged a complaint at a nearby police station.

In that regard, the police began an intensive probe.

As Premraj was in Chennai, the police set a trap and he was brought to Pimpri by that girl.

Premraj, who came to Pimpri, was rounded up by the police.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Manjak Ibbar said, “The arrested Premraj has contacted more than 100 women in Pune, Thane, Malad, Mumbai, Chennai, Gujarat and other places through his matrimonial sites and extorted millions of rupees.

He claims to be a contractor, a builder and an entrepreneur and has deceived many girls by talking accordingly.

In this, it was revealed that young women and widows have been deceived.

Many women did not come forward to complain.

Some are said to have lodged complaints at several police stations. He is still being interrogated”.

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