Marriage halls told to follow election rules

District Election Officer and Collector C. Kathiravan asked marriage halls, hotels, lodges etc to follow election commission rules strictly.

A consultative meeting on the subject, held at the collectorate on Saturday, he said that the Election Commission of India has announced the timetable for the Tamil Nadu Assembly elections.

Following that, the Code of Conduct for Elections is in force throughout the Erode District.

The Election Commission of India (ECI) has imposed various instructions and restrictions to ensure free and fair elections, to create equal and healthy competition among all candidates during the election campaign, and to prevent undue influence over the electorate through money and goods.

When the Code of Conduct for Elections is in force, the details of the leasing of wedding halls and other community halls to political parties should be communicated immediately to the Election Officers and the concerned Taluk Tahsildars.

While the Code of Conduct for Elections is in force, the distribution of cash, gifts,dhoties, sarees to voters at wedding halls and other community halls is strictly prohibited.

It is strictly forbidden to get wedding halls on rental basis in the name of valaikappu, kadukuthu, birthday parties, etc to give money to voters.

It is a crime under the law to arrange fake events in wedding halls and entertain the voters.

Candidates or their agents are prohibited from entertaining voters in the name of temple worship.

Such events greatly prevent the voter from voting fairly and impartially.

Therefore, in order to ensure free and fair poll, the owners of the wedding hall and the community hall should obtain the documents including the wedding invitation and a copy of the ration card from the persons who come to book the wedding halls.

Booking details should be properly maintained in the relevant records.

If suspicious events are organized, information about them should be reported immediately to the nearest election officials and Tahsildars.

He said that outsiders should not be allowed to stay in wedding halls as the election rules are coming into force.

The meeting was attended by District Revenue Officer Dr. Murugesan, Corporation Commissioner Dr. M. Ilangovan, District Collector’s PA (General) Mr. Balaji and many officials attended the meeting.

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