Lunar Eclipse 2021: A rare super moon on May 26

The Kolkata Birla Planetarium has announced that a rare Super Blood Moon event will be seen in the sky on May 26. The first lunar eclipse of this year occurs on May 26.

The full lunar eclipse will be visible from 2.17 pm to 7.19 pm in East Asia, Australia and the United States. After the eclipse, the moon will appear brighter than usual in blood red. When the moon comes very close to the earth, it will be so due to atmospheric scattering, said the director of the Birla Planetarium.

“On the night of May 26, the sun, earth and moon will be aligned in a way that the Full Moon will also be eclipsed for some time as viewed from Kolkata. The moon on its journey around the earth will be passing through the earth’s shadow and will be totally eclipsed,” said astrophysicist and Director of MP Birla Planetarium, Debiprasad Duari.

The partial eclipse of the moon will start at around 3:15 pm and end at 6:22 pm in Kolkata.

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