Lockdown alone is not the solution

Instead of intensifying the restrictions, why be lethargic in a time when the COVID impact is way more than last year?

The Assembly elections for Tamil Nadu is over and so the government does not hold any administrative power.

They are not able to make any firm decisions.

The officers are also perplexed as to whom to contact and what to implement.

Rahul Gandhi has criticised that coronavirus infection is the cause of oxygen level drop in our body while the deaths in our country are due to the shortage of oxygen and ICU beds. 

Medical experts have warned that the second wave will reach its peak in the mid of May.

In such a situation, the central and state governments are stuck in a great puzzle regarding decision making.

Lockdown cannot be the only solution for this crisis.

Lockdown resulted in economic recession; Students threw away their studies.

Youths are highly devastated due to unemployment.

Who will hold accountability for all these? The government and officers should not step back by simply telling the people to wear a mask and maintain social distance.

Immediate action is required to prevent COVID 19.

People are ready to adhere to the decisions of the government.

But those actions should be good enough to curtail the COVID spread.

And that is expected by not just people, but social activists as well.

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