Liver Diseases and Transplantation Centre launched in Kovai by Kauvery Hospitals

As part of launches of Centers of Excellence(CoE)- across important cities, Kauvery Group of Hospitals inaugurated the Kauvery Liver Diseases and Transplantation Center in Coimbatore.

The “state of the art” liver care unit has dedicated ICU, operation theatres and treatment areas for recovery.

The center will also provide 360-degree care which would include diagnosis, treatment, transplantation, post-surgery care, according to a communication from the organization.

The CoEs recently performed six living donor liver transplantations.Mr. Harjit Singh, a 56-year-old passionate rider, developed liver disease and was undertaking treatment for eight months.

He urgently needed a liver transplant for survival and better quality of life. The patient was put on dialysis for 36 hours before the surgery, as he had fluid retention due to kidney dysfunction.

Later he underwent a living donor liver transplant with a portion of liver donated by his daughter, explained Dr. K.Elankumaran, Head of Liver Diseases Transplantation &Hepatobiliary Surgery Kauvery Hospital.Dr. Manivannan Selvaraj , Founder and Managing Director KauveryGroup of Hospitals, said “Our transplant Centers meet international standards and are sure to help many patients with liver failure regain their normal life.

More awareness about“living donor transplantation” will contribute to meeting the organ demand in India.”Dr.Aravindan Selvaraj, Co-Founder & Executive Director,Kauvery Hospital Chennai, said “We have built a dedicated and exclusive center for Liver Diseases and Transplant with an entire floor for Liver Dialysis, Kidney Dialysis, HEPAFilter, Positive Pressure Room and Sterile Corridor.

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