Let’s Protect girl children

It is shocking to learn from the central government that 43 thousand cases have been registered under the POCSO Act in just one year. The Centre said this at the Supreme Court during a trial.

There will not be a newspaper issue today without at least one piece of news about minors being subjected to sexual assault. Girls under seven years of age are more in number who are being sexually abused.

The perpetrators are usually aged who assault the tender children who are naive about sexuality. Moreover, the perpetrators are usually acquainted with the victims and their families.

Adolescent girls face a lot of issues including infatuation due to being a teenager.

Due to this, a lot of minors are being forced into physical intercourse. Mobile phones do play a major role in catering to their fanciful desires, which are not right.

Those men who exhibit inappropriate behaviour or thoughts on other women despite being married are the ones who create a great impact.

Although there is POCSO action being taken, the crimes do not seem to have been reduced.

Parents are of two-fold this regard. On one hand, some parents do not care about their daughters’ whereabouts while some torture their daughters irrespective of whom they talk to.

Parents have to be very careful in nurturing their adolescent daughters.

The mothers have to be extremely cautious in shaping their morals. Parents have to educate their wards with proper knowledge of sex and love.

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