Let’s congratulate the Governor of Manipur

President Ramnath Kovind announced the appointment of senior BJP leader in Tamil Nadu Ila Ganesan as the Governor of Manipur. He was greeted not only by the BJP but also by many from various parties.

There is a perception that even newcomers to the BJP can suddenly reach higher positions. Though there were many senior leaders in the Tamil Nadu BJP, there was a murmur among the senior leaders in the state that the newcomers were being given the post of state president, union minister and governor. To rectify this, the BJP high command has appointed senior leader Ila Ganesan as governor.

So far 3 leaders from Tamil Nadu have been appointed as governors during the BJP rule. Tamilisai Soundarajan has been appointed as the Governor of Telangana. V. Shanmuganathan was appointed Governor of Meghalaya but he resigned from his post. Following this, Ila Ganesan has now been appointed as the Governor.

It can be said that this is another tribute that the BJP has given to Tamil Nadu. Although Ila Ganesan received this opportunity belatedly, it is not an exaggeration to call it the credit for his political contribution and commitment.
With the greetings of not only the BJP but all parties, Ila Ganesan will take over as the Governor of Manipur tomorrow (August 27). The whole of Tamil Nadu is extending greetings to him without any discrimination for the excellence of his work with unconditional love for Tamil. Let us also congratulate him.

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