Let us think and act

This is the time to think and analyse the electoral promises as to which are true promises, which all will be actually implemented and vote for the right candidate.

We have to consider certain things before voting. To what extent the development plans are being implemented in your constituency? What are the good things that the MLA whom you voted for have done to your constituency?

Will a new candidate who contests for the first time in your constituency keep all his promises? Is he an honest person/ Will he concentrate on the development of your constituency? Is he a candidate who is not involved in any corrupt practices?

All these questions have to be thought of before voting. Let the press of a button on the electronic voting machine reflect the changes in your constituency for the next five years.

This is the time for us to keep in mind that those things promised as freebies by the political parties are actually bought out of our tax money. Let us think and act.

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