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The idea that natural medicine can cure the corona epidemic that is now plaguing the world is gaining strength. Siddha doctors are stressing that naturopathic medicine is the best solution for corona.

Now the Tamil Nadu government has started the Corona Siddha Medical Center at Vyasarpadi in Chennai just like last year.

Those who are treated here are given herbal medicines including Kapasurakkudinir, Talisathi Suranam, Adathodai, Manapaku, Karisalai Pal and herbal foods.

The Government of Tamil Nadu is planning to set up such Siddha treatment centres in 12 more districts.

To control the corona infection that spreads at a rapid pace, it is imperative of the time to carry out such alternative therapies.

Those who are in the early stages of corona infection could seek alternative medicine and this is a good chance to get rid of the disease.

China’s traditional medical system is said to be the main reason for controlling the spread of the disease in China, which is considered the source of corona infection.

Our traditional medical practices like Siddha, Ayurveda, Unani, Homeopathy, Yoga Therapy, Pranayama can definitely bring this disease under control. When the centres are set up, people will boldly go there and seek treatment.

Congratulations to the new government for taking the initiative in a few days.

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