Let the roar shake the world!

All the ceremonies that would turn a bride into a man’s wife including tying the holy thread around the bride’s neck were completed. The bridge fell at her husband and elders feet and was blessed. These are all routine rituals as we watch in every other marriage.

But in this marriage, the groom unexpectedly falls at the feet of the bride. The young bride, who was shocked to see the unexpected event, lifted him up. But the bride was neither shocked nor embarrassed. Who is she?
*She is going to continue my descendants.

*She is going to praise my parents as her parents.
*She’s going to make me a father.

*She will face death and return for the sake of getting a baby.
*She is going to be the foundation of my house.

  • She’s going to give me recognition in the community for her behaviour.
  • She is going to travel with me after my parents.

  • Everyone was touched when the groom said what was wrong with him in bowing and seeking blessings from her, who is going to do all this for him.
  • The bride shed tears of joy when she heard it and the tears that flowed from her eyes drenched the bridegroom’s silk shirt when she embraced him. These scenes are going viral on social media.

  • There is no chance of mistakes if everyone vows wholeheartedly like this through body and mind. If this feeling occurs to everyone, there will be no room for talk of social degradation.
    Let us roar to the world that this is our culture!

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