Let democracy flourish!

In the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly, with so many important announcements being made under Rule 110, many people do not have a proper understanding of what is Rule 110.
Any plan that is generally brought up for the people will be discussed in detail in the legislative assembly before it is implemented and the pros and cons of that will be debated in the discussion. After that, it will be implemented and this is the procedure. But if an important project or problem proposed by the State Government needs to be decided immediately, there will not be much time for discussions. The purpose of the plan will not be fulfilled until all the legislators have discussed it, or time will be wasted. In such a case, if the Government feels that action would not be taken even if debated, then Rule 110 can be used.
Projects announced under Rule 110 may not be questioned or discussed by members, or opposition parties. The entire State Government will abide and implement it. The former Chief Minister Jayalalithaa issued a lot of announcements under this rule from 2011 to 2016. That is, Jayalalithaa issued 181 notices during her tenure. Former chief minister Edappadi Palanisamy also followed the same where he Issued 453 notices under Rule 110. It is not known whether all that was declared under Rule 110 has been done and completed. In this context, Cooperatives Minister
I. Periyasamy addressed the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly under Rule 110 regarding the crop loan waiver. He also announced a crop loan waiver of
Rs 501.69 crore for farmers in the Salem and Namakkal districts. This is the first time in 10 years that a minister has issued a notice under Rule 110. In addition, Chief Minister MK Stalin has allowed the respective ministers to make departmental announcements under Rule 110 attracting various quarters. This is because, in the past AIADMK rule, only the Chief Ministers have earlier made announcements under this rule. (Jayalalithaa and EPS). This is an example of how the conventions of the legislature are preserved under the DMK regime. This should continue.
Let democracy flourish!

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