Lemony taste Glucovitta Bolts launched by Wipro

Glucovita Bolts, a Wipro Consumer Care and Lighting brand has brought into market a new Lemony flavour which is rich in Vitamin C that helps boost immunity along with providing instant energy in a tasty easy-to-carry format.

As part of the launch campaign, Glucovita Bolts recently launched a TVC showcasing the concerns of a mother to ensure her kids have enough immunity to shield them against any germs/ diseases, and her search for an option that boosts their immunity in a format that will be enjoyable for them.

Talking about the launch of the new variant and the campaign, Mr.S Prasanna Rai, Vice President, Marketing, Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting said, “A child’s immunity is always a top priority for the mothers, especially with the rising risks of them being prone to different and new strains of viruses, germs and bacteria. In an environment where kids stand a higher risk to fall sick or lose stamina, ensuring that their immunity stays strong in an enjoyable form became critical for the brand.”

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