Kudos to Collector!

Just within a week of his joining, Coimbatore District’s new Collector Nagarajan took action.

People welcome his immediate action. Kudos to the Collector! Following your actions, let the election take place in an honest manner.

Nagarajan took over as Coimbatore Collector last week.

Collector Nagarajan, who is talented and experienced, has been looking into the complaints raised by the public and the political parties then and there.

Cash and gifts transactions have been very frequent in constituencies including Coimbatore South, Thondammuthuir, Kinathukidavu, Singanallur, Valparai and Mettupalayam.

Parties have been hanging those gifts on to the doors of the people’s houses.

Following this, electoral officers entered into a full swing action to curb this. 

In this situation, people from the Valparai constituency informed that there is a distribution of gift items on March 19.

Despite the complaint, the flying squad team headed by officer Vellingiri reached late.

Flying squad officer Vellingiri along with cops Prasath and Kumaravel who were also on duty were suspended for being lethargic.

The Collector Nagarajan issued the suspension order.

People are appreciating the speedy action of the Collector. Let his sincere and actions continue.

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