Kodiveri water project to be completed within 3 months

Jayakumar, the AIADMK candidate for the Perundurai constituency, assured that the ongoing Kodiveri drinking water project would be completed within 3 months.

In his poll campaign at Kaikolapalayam area, he took part in the sports competition held for Kamathiamman temple festival and danced alongwith the devotees.

Jayakumar, who blindfolded himself and participated in the pot-breaking contest, won.

The youth lifted him on their shoulders and expressed their support for him.

When he spoke, he said, “I am of the people, I am for the people,” and listed out various assurances of his party like Athikadavu Avinashi Water Scheme,

New Kodiveri Joint Drinking Water Scheme, Kudimarathu Scheme, Agricultural Crop Loan Waiver, Women’s Self Help Group loan waiver , 6 gas cylinders free supply per year, Rs 1,500 per month for housewives, Rs 2000 per month for old age allowance, free government cable, free washing machine, free 2GB data for college students schemes etc.

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