KMDK thanks CM for attending MSMEs problems

KMDK state general secretary and MLA ER Eswaran thanked the CM MK Stalin for hearing the problems of MSME. In a statement, he said that ”The Government of Tamil Nadu has announced various concessions to protect medium, small and tiny units and their dependent workers as it understand that the economy of Tamil Nadu should not be ruined while the full curfew has been imposed.

As soon as the curfew was announced, the action of the Chief Minister who called the industry body and asked for their views has created confidence among the business community.

It is commendable that the Government of Tamil Nadu has taken the necessary rescue measures as soon as the industry has said what the impact of the curfew will be.

This was the expectation of the Tamil Nadu industry. Despite the government declaring no curfew for the export industry in a few areas such as Tirupur, the fact that industrialists have voluntarily closed factories to curb the impact of the corona outbreak shows that employers are concerned about their responsibility and the well-being of workers.

May the activities of the CM who has extended a helping hand to the industrialists who are so attentive, continue.

The CM has begun to uphold what he has said that we must work together as a people’s movement to drive Corona out of Tamil Nadu.

We commend the CM of Tamil Nadu for making it clear that only by solving the problems of the industrialists can the working people be saved”.

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