KMDK condemns hike in fertilizer prices

Fertilizer prices have risen to unprecedented levels, leaving farmers in agony, rued KMDK state general secretary ER Eswaran.

He said that it is highly reprehensible that the Central Government is acting in

such a way as to bring even more misery to the farmers who are already suffering from various problems and fighting for their livelihood.

Rising fertilizer prices have made it difficult for small and marginal farmers to buy fertilizer.

Yields are not as expected if the crop is not properly fertilized.

In this situation the farmers again will be in debt for the purchase of fertilizer.

Despite knowing how important fertilizer is to agriculture, raising the price of fertilizer by 60 percent is an act that will completely destroy agriculture.

The central government showed no interest in the welfare of the farmers.

The central government should understand the impact of rising fertilizer prices on farmers and take action to reverse the rise in prices, he pleaded.

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