KAS asks cadres to lure voters of other parties

Education minister KA Sengottaiyan appealed to party cadres to lure voters of other parties.

Introducing Perundurai AIADMK candidate S Jayakumar at the cadres meeting at Vijayamangalam on Thursday, he said that the election manifesto the CM has not only attracted people but also cadres of other parties.

Therefore, ADMK cadres should work hard to lure the votes of other parties also.

He said that with the sole aim of the cadres should be the victory of Jayakumar with a huge margin.

The Chief Minister will be more happy than us if he wins.

The cadres should propagate the salient features of Athikkadavu Avinashi and Kodiveri dam water Projects, brought by the AIADMK regime, he pleaded. Jayakumar, the AIADMK candidate, appealed to the cadres to follow election rules strictly and avoid more vehicles firecrackers.

Perundurai Union Secretary Vijayan alias Ramasamy, Uthukkuli Union Secretary Ravichandran, Former MLAs Ponnuthurai, Palanichamy, Ponnusamy and many other party executives were present.

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