Karamadai residents stage Dharna against illicit Patta

Residents of Ettappan Nagar in Karamadai sat on a dharna protest in front of the Coimbatore district Collector’s Office on Wednesday alleging that the officers threatened them as they demanded to cancel the illicit pattas.

Patta was issued to 91 families by the Adi Dravidar Welfare Department of Coimbatore District in Ettappan town under Karamadai Municipality, Coimbatore District. It has been reported that those who already have a house and land have been given the Pattas after receiving Rs. 25,000. For the past two months, people in the area have been flocking to the Coimbatore District Collector’s Office to file a petition demanding action.

Accordingly, a total of 38 pattas have been issued improperly and they have been requesting the cancellation of the Patta registration.

Today, more than 50 members submitted a petition to the Collector for the same. It is learned that Panneer Selvam, who had coordinated the people, was allegedly threatened by an officer at the collectorate.

In this situation, the affected people were involved in a sudden dharna protest in front of the Coimbatore District Collector’s Office.

People took to the streets holding DMK member ID cards, claiming they were DMK members and not getting justice for themselves. This caused a stir in the area

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