Italian Red Cross gets Elgi compressed air station support for COVID – 19 emergency response


ELGi Europe has responded swiftly and comprehensively with a charitable contribution of an air compressor package for one of Italy’s Red Cross logistic hubs serving the Turin area.

Michele Belmondo, Site Manager at the Red Cross Bussoleno, said, “We contacted ELGi and other companies for support with a new air compressor to enhance our operational capacity at the logistics centre.

ELGi visited our Centre, analysed our compressed air needs and within few days, provided an air compressor with a complete system including a tank and dryer.”

The Red Cross Polo Logistica Valle di Susa site is a critical logistics hub that serves the Greater Turin area with emergency services, medicine delivery, transport and meal support, for vulnerable people.

The compressed air system provided by ELGi is used to power tools.

It is also used to support the maintenance of Red Cross vehicles as they support the Italian Health and Emergency services and make critical medical deliveries as part of the country’s COVID-19 response.

Graziano Dal Tio, Regional Manager, ELGi Southern Europe, said “The offered air station comprised of a receiver and fridge dryer which made it plug and play, enabling high reliability, ease of maintenance and a small footprint.

Definitely an ideal compressed air system solution for the Red Cross – Polo Logistico Centre.” Chris Ringlstetter, President at ELGi Europe, said “We are grateful for the opportunity to support the Italian Red Cross in its tireless effortswith caring for the local community during these challenging times.”

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