It is right time to restore TN’s rights: KS Alagiri

Tamil Nadu Congress Committee president KS Alagiri said that the BJP is making a cultural invasion in Tamil Nadu. So, it is right time to check it and restore the rights of TN.

He spoke at the Erode Marapalam area to mobilize support for Congress candidate E. Thirumagan Evara, who is contesting on behalf of the DMK alliance party in the Erode East constituency.

He said that Petrol was sold for Rs 70 during Congress rule but now it is priced at Rs. 100, Cooking gas cylinder price rose from Rs 442 to Rs 900.

During the Congress regime, when the price of crude oil in the world market was $ 108 per barrel, so the price of petrol was Rs. 70 during Congress rule. But it is currently $ 54.

So, it should be sold at a price of Rs. 35 per litre. However, it is sold at a price of Rs 100. Cooking gas cylinders should sell for Rs 200. But it is sold for Rs 900.

When MK Stalin takes over as chief minister, he will follow the economic policy laid down by Dr Manmohan Singh to reduce prices, vegetable, grocery, etc.

The rise in textile prices is due to the rise in petrol and diesel prices and the GST tax, he noted. ” Prime Minister Modi has said that DMK and Congress parties do not respect women.

I have heard the speeches of various Prime Ministers. In the poll campaign, they spoke about the country’s development, agriculture and resources. But, Modi spoke local issues,” he charged.

”This is the final battle to save Tamil Nadu, the rights, pride and culture of the Tamils. We must be fully successful in this venture.

The central government has allocated Rs 640 crore for the growth of Sanskrit language being spoken by 26 lakh people. However, it has allocated just Rs 7 crore for development of Tamil, spoken by 8 crore people.

BJP, RSS have started a cultural invasion in Tamil Nadu. Modi said one language, one culture, one tradition policy. But, the CM and Dy CM were silently watching it. So, the BJP must be uprooted from Tamil Nadu. It is right time to restore the right of Tamil Nadu, he said.

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