It is not just the election, but corona as well

The nomination filing has begun and thereby the celebrations have also begun.

Without any thoughts, the party cadres will gather for the success of their political party.

Their only focus will be the victory of their desired party. Their sole aim will be to work for that victory. 

But this time, they should understand that along with the forthcoming elections, corona might also likely accompany.

People should think about whether it is an election or escaping from the corona infection is important.

In that case, preventing ourselves from the virus becomes more significant. The election is only secondary.

First of all, people should get themselves out of the pandemic and lead a fearless life.

It has been made mandatory to get an e-pass to enter Tamil Nadu from the neighbouring state of Kerala.

Similarly, as the virus spread is on a surge, there might be restrictions for going to other states from Tamil Nadu as well.

The election is scheduled in such a tough situation.

It is very essential to strictly adhere to the restrictions during this time.

The political parties can avoid gathering crowds for their campaign meetings. 

Along with the candidates, one or two can perhaps engage in the campaigns.

As technology has advanced so much, various novel methods can be used for the campaigning process.

It is better to utilize communication media including social media platforms for campaigning.

It is possible to bring the President’s rule in a state or the whole country if the government dissolves or if the election is not conducted at the appropriate time.

But what can be brought to prevent the people from the coronavirus?

So it is better to keep this in mind and conduct the election with necessary precautions and the political parties should also stick to those restriction measures.

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