It is better not to be lethargic

Fire accidents and short circuits in hospitals are commonly heard incidents.

But the recent fire breakout at a hospital in Mumbai is quite different.

The hospital was located on the third floor of a mall in Mumbai, where many people visit daily.

The question arises how they did permit the hospital to function in a place that is always crowded.  

A hospital is a place not just for the patients but also for the doctors, nurses, attendants and those who accompany the patients and so on.

It was a great shock when the Mumbai Mayor during his visit to the hospital after the fire accident, said that he was shocked to see the hospital located in such an ambience. 

A hospital is a place in which many lives are at stake.

Such a place should be constructed with ample space and all the necessary facilities including emergency exits conducive to save the people during the time of any fire breakouts.

How can we expect this kind of facility in a hospital which is on the floor of a shopping mall?

It is very miserable that the lives of people are secondary in hospitals for which money is given priority.

There still might be many hospitals like the one in Mumbai.

One or two might get caught if searched for.

There might perhaps be one right next to our locality or in the neighbouring towns.

We need to be alert and it is better to refrain from going to such hospitals for treatment.

Apart from this, the officials of the health department should

duly check whether the hospitals are situated in a hygienic ambience and whether it has all the basic facilities.

Since lives are at stake in this issue, it is better not to be lethargic

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