Isn’t it too much?

A woman has loaded her beloved pet puppy on an Air India flight from Mumbai to Chennai. You may wonder what is so special about it? The fact is that the woman has paid for all the seats in the business class, which is considered to be the most expensive seat on the plane.

She did so to make her pet travel comfortably without being disturbed by anyone. Do you know how much she spent on this? Nothing much, just Rs 2.4 lakh!If she wanted to bring her pet on the plane, she could have booked only one seat in economy class and brought it in a comfortable basket or cage.

That woman might be someone who is most fond of the pet. But the question arises why should she spend around Rs 2.4 lakh for just a 2-hour journey? With that money, she could have fed two-three meals to a number of animals or could have helped the needy. She might have otherwise donated to the medical expenses of the poor.

It may have resolved the misery of so many. Why do people with money refuse to think like this? This is the opinion of many people.Some argue that it is not fair to blame the woman rather than appreciating her for spending so much for her pet in these times of declining humanity.

Some argue that it is too much to spend a lot of money on a pet puppy and get on a plane. Some do even get angry that doing such things are sheer publicity stunts. Everyone’s opinion has to be looked at from their point of view.

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