Is there a moral right to question democracy?

Villivakkam constituency in Chennai district has the lowest voter turnout in Tamil Nadu accounting for 55.22%. It is followed by T Nagar with 55.92%, Velachery with 55.95%, Mylapore with 56.59%  and Anna Nagar with 57.02%.

The fact is that the overall turnout has considerably decreased this time when compared to the last election.

The anti-incumbency against the AIADMK which is in power for the past ten years, absentia of representatives in the local body administrations, the voters slip not having reached all the houses, fear of COVID 19, scorching heat and so on were the reasons for the decrease in the voter turnout.

Countries like Belgium, Austria, Australia, Italy and Mexico have a law that makes voting mandatory for everyone. If there is no proper reason for not voting, either they will be punished or fined. 

In a democratic country like India, an option called NOTA is given for which voters can cast their vote if there is dissatisfaction in all the candidates.

Even after all such provisions, there are people who refrain from voting. Do they have the moral right to question democracy?

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