Industry experts focus on rise in demand for LPG

Coimbatore, Feb. 29

As demand for Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) is on the rise, alternate means to increase supply and judicious management of the resource was discussed by industry experts and leaders at a two-day national level LPG Conclave 2020 organised by the Indian Oil Corporation Limited began here today at the Aditya convention centre on the Thuidyalur-Saravnampatti Road.

Mr B Ashok, Chairman of Ratnagiri Refineries & Petrochemicals Limited, who was the guest of honour, inaugurated the workshop by lighting the traditional lamp. Dr SSV Ramakumar, Director of Research & Development, Indian Oil Corporation was the chief guest.Mr.P Jeyadevan, Executive Director, IOC, TNSO, welcomed the gathering.

He said that 55 research papers have been submitted in the two-day national level workshop. In his speech, Mr S N Pandey, Managing Director, Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited, said that the use of LPG is on the rise in various industries, particularly the glass blowing industries which requires high quality LPG followed by automobile industries.

The requirement of LPG is on the rise given the importance on maintaining clean environment. The aim of this national level workshop is to assess the growth of LPG in terms of its future utilisation said Dr SSV Ramakumar, Director of Research & Development, Indian Oil Corporation.

Awareness on the need to prevent global warming has been created at the world level and the level of global warming can be further brought down with the increased use of LPG. Researches should be carried out to convert the carbon di-oxide into an alternative source of energy and to utilise the same, he said.

Technical researches have been stepped and are going on in full swing to produce bio-LPG by the year 2040. Researches in de-carbonisation have also been going in the use of LPG, he added.

Mr B Ashok, Chairman of Ratnagiri Refineries & Petrochemicals Limited, noted that exploration for new avenues in the use of energy will be more useful for the country’s economic growth. Kerala state has large number of auto LPG stations and the first auto LPG station was launched in Kochi. Now auto LPG stations have come up in Karnataka also.

The use of liquid energy sources should be improved for preventing global warming and to maintain clean environment. Quality LPG kits should be produced and used in old vehicles also. The use of LPG has registered a steep increase with the growth of the food industry.

Awareness should be created for the use of LPG in industries. The digital technology should be used in the auto LPG sector also, he said. An awareness exhibition on LPG was also inaugurated in the workshop.Mr S. Pattabhiraman proposed the vote of thanks.

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