India should not have abstained from voting

India abstained from voting on a resolution against Sri Lanka at the United Nations(UN).

India has taken this decision based on two fundamental reasons.

One reason is the justice, dignity and peace for the Tamil people in Sri Lanka. On the other hand, it is equality, unity and integrity that needs to prevail.

A higher official said that the decision of India was based on these reasons.

Though it abstained from voting, according to the 13th amendment of the Sri Lankan constitution, elections have to be conducted for the provincial councils and ensure their proper functioning.

India also supports the demand for sharing administrative powers.

India has invested in various schemes in Sri Lanka.

Many schemes are being implemented for the welfare of the Sri Lankan Tamils. 

In this situation, a friendly relationship has to be maintained with Sri Lanka.

At the same time, the rights and welfare of the Sri Lankan Tamil people cannot be compromised as well.

It is good that India did not vote against Sri Lanka. 

At the same time, the Tamil people are those who are affected in Sri Lanka.

Since human rights have been violated, and war crimes have taken place during the war, it was the Tamils who were severely affected.

So as far as Tamil Nadu is concerned, people feel that India should not have abstained from voting.

It cannot be denied that there are opinions that it should have voted for the resolution.

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