India foils Chinese intrusion in Arunachal Pradesh: 200 Chinese soldiers detained

Attempts by Chinese troops to intrude the Indian border were foiled by the Indian defence forces and 200 Chinese soldiers were held, according to reports on Friday. It is said that the Chinese troops attempted to cross the Line of Actual Control(LAC) last week.

The Indian Army is constantly monitoring the intrusion of Chinese troops into the Indo-Chinese border. Nevertheless, the intrusion of Chinese soldiers continues.

A few months ago, there was a clash with the Chinese army in an attempt to encroach on the Indian border in the Kalwan area.

There were casualties on both sides. 40 Indian soldiers were killed.

There were more casualties on the Chinese side than that.

This was followed by tensions on the Indo-Chinese border as both countries amassed additional troops.

The Indian military has been on high alert since tensions eased following several rounds of talks between the two countries’ military officials.

In this context, the Chinese troops have once again made attempts to barge into the Indian border at Arunachal Pradesh. Last week, 200 Chinese troops entered the Arunachal Pradesh border from the Tibetan Tawang sector.

It has been reported that they were temporarily detained by the Indian Army.According to defence sources, the Indian Army thwarted an attempt by Chinese troops to damage unmanned bunkers along the Indo-Chinese border.About 200 Chinese soldiers were temporarily imprisoned.

The standoff between the soldiers came to a halt after the commanders of the two sides intervened and resolved the issue.

But no damage was done to the Indian security forces.

This standoff is considered significant as it occurred at a time when there is a plan to hold peace talks with the Indo-Chinese high command.

It is noteworthy that there has been a tense situation prevailing in the Indo-China border.

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