Independent files nomination in innovative method

Kumar, an independent candidate, walked with a pot of water on his head and filed nomination for Gobi segment in the Gobi RDO office on Tuesday.

He came to the office from the Gobi bus stand by walk. Kumar who hails from Siruvalur near Gobi, is a lathe factory worker there.

In the last Lok Sabha polls, he contested from Tiruppur Lok Sabha constituency seeking the implementation of the Pandiyaru-Punnampuzha project and got 1,400 votes.

He insisted the same demand in the coming Assembly polls.

After being denied permission by the police to go to the office with a pot of water, he kept it 200 metre away from the office and went to the office and filed the paper with the returning officer Palanidevi.

He has been imprisoned for participating in various protests, including road blockades and hunger strikes and contested many elections to insist the project.

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