Increase in complicated cases as unlock begins: Urologists


While observing bladder awareness in the month of November, city based urologists say they witness a significant jump in number of patients with complicated bladder related ailments and most of the victims were those who had stopped their treatment midway or delayed seeking medical attention during the lockdown in fear of getting infected by the coronavirus.

Dr C L Dinakaran, Urologist at the Arun Urology Hospital, Coimbatore said, patients who needed only medical help for bladder related issues were prescribed medicines and advised lifestyle changes in terms of diet and exercise by their urologists who extended their help by offering online consultations during the lockdown.

However, some patients who needed surgical intervention delayed their treatment and are now approaching their respective doctors where experts are finding it quite challenging to treat,” informed Dr. C L Dinakaran.
“Delaying simple surgeries like kidney stone removal could lead to major issues in the long run. Delaying treatment is not the right option.

Unlike shopping places where there is an increased chance of getting the infection, hospitals are taking all precautions and adopting all hygienic practices to ensure that their patient does not get infected.”
Hospitals are adopting the latest guidelines laid down by ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) to contain spread of the virus.

While in men, urinary retention has been the commonest problem in the lockdown period, women had complaints of urinary tract infections.
During the lockdown period many patients had shifted to alternative medicines and it has thus made the condition of the patients even worse.
Delaying kidney stone removal without consulting doctor can lead to kidney failure in the long run, experts say.

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