ID card distribution in Uzhavar Sandhais

Farmers can apply for getting ID cards for selling their goods in the Uzhavar Sandhais at Gobi, Sathy, Perundurai, Erode Periyar Nagar and Sampath Nagar. The farmers who want to sell their goods can apply with their chitta adangal of their land, computerised chitta, VAO certificate, copies of ration card, aadhar cards, 3 passport and 3 stamp size photo of them and their family in the Uzhavar Sandhai offices with filled in forms.

Those who already have ID cards can also follow the same procedure to renew their cards.The women SHGs and farmer producer companies, registered under the Uzhavar Sandhais should submit their membership, registration certificate renewal details and address to the shandi officials.

The ID cards would be given to the ryots as per the recommendation of the agriculture and horticulture officials after scrutinising the applications jointly. The ryots concerned should co-operate to the officials during their field visits for renewal of ID cards and give new cards, officials said.

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