Huawei launches a full set of intelligent vehicle components for OEMs

At Auto Shanghai 2021, Huawei launched its next-generation intelligent components and solutions, including the 4D imaging radar, AR-HUD, and MDC 810 during its Huawei Inside (HI) product launch titled “Focused Innovation for Intelligent Vehicles”.

These products are designed to help OEMs build advanced intelligent vehicles and enable the Chinese automotive industry to upgrade their technology and become a pioneer of new energy and autonomous driving.

This year, Huawei will form a team of over 5000 people working in the R&D of intelligent automotive components, and its investment in this field will total US$1 billion.

By nurturing high-end talent through R&D centers in Europe, Japan, and China, Huawei aims to strengthen its product competitiveness with a focus on innovation, thereby delivering better products and optimal driving experience to customers. In October 2020, Huawei launched the HI brand.

As a digital car-oriented provider of new components, Huawei has closely worked with OEMs to build premium intelligent vehicles under the innovative “Huawei Inside” initiative, which includes a brand-new digital architecture for intelligent vehicles, five intelligent solutions (Intelligent Driving, Intelligent Cockpit, mPower, Intelligent Connectivity, and Intelligent Vehicle Cloud), and over 30 intelligent components.

“The ‘Huawei Inside’ initiative is designed to integrate Huawei’s technological strengths with the vehicle manufacturing capabilities of automakers to build high-end intelligent vehicles that provide a more enjoyable driving experience,” commented William Wang, President of Huawei’s Intelligent Automotive Solution Business Unit (IAS BU).

“Facing accelerated transformation of intelligent vehicles, Huawei is committed to lighting up the future of autonomous vehicles through innovation.”

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