Hero Group launches skill learning for working professionals

The Hero Group has announced the launch of a new EdTech company, Hero Vired, under its umbrella, today.

With Hero Vired, the company aims to fill this gap and amplify the government’s vision of a self-reliant India by training professionals for Industry 4.1.

The industry-relevant launch offerings of Hero Vired range from certificate programs in Finance & related technologies, integrated programs in Data Science, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, full-stack development, Game Design, and Entrepreneurial Thinking and Innovation.

Future programs will cut across domains such as design, electronics, leadership, health management and emerging technologies.

Commenting on the brand launch, Akshay Munjal, Founder and CEO, Hero Vired said, “India currently faces shortage of highly skilled professionals while graduates find it difficult to secure suitable jobs due to lack of skill-sets.

Hero Vired ensures that the young workforce can be mentored for overall professional development aimed at their future growth.”

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