Helping animals is a good virtue 

Human beings are able to find solutions to their physical problems by telling others about their suffering. 

But animals that do not have the sixth sense cannot say that. 

Only human beings who have the thinking ability should make efforts to diagnose their suffering.  

A good example of this is a recent incident in Madurai. 

The people of the area contacted the District Collector to inform about the stray bull in the Madurai Surveyor Colony without a leg and the collector ordered immediate treatment for the bull. 

Following this, the veterinary team went to the spot and recovered the bull and carried out appropriate tests.  

Then they decided to fit a prosthetic leg to the bull. 

They took the foot size of a bull and gave it to make a prosthetic leg.  It took three weeks.

 Recently that bull was fitted with a prosthetic leg. 

Currently that bull is keeping well. 

This is a significant achievement in the medical field. 

Veterinarian Virasami hopes that artificial limbs can be fitted to other animals with physical disabilities as well.

 Heartfelt congratulations to the people of Madurai who realised the plight of the bull, to the District Collector who ordered the treatment and to the veterinary team who achieved the feat of fitting an artificial leg.

 If any of our pets or any animals we see on the road are affected, we can contact a veterinarian immediately for appropriate treatment. 

We can ask if synthetic equipment can be matched. 

Doing so is indeed a good virtue that will reflect positivity and modern medical facilities can rehabilitate animals as well.

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