Haemophilia treatments improve, awareness low: Experts


On World Haemophilia Day (April 17), experts highlighted the need for awareness, early diagnosis, right treatment with recombinant therapy and importance of prophylaxis for effective management of the disease.

Haemophilia A is the most common haemophilia type caused by deficit of a protein called factor VIII.

Haemophilia B which is less common, is caused by insufficient levels of a blood protein called factor IX. With 19690 registered haemophilia

A cases and 3150 of haemophilia B, India has the highest number of haemophilia patients in the world even though we have identified only 20% of the estimated number of haemophilia patient.

Haemophilia management has undergone a paradigm shift in the recent years in the country.

The governments (both central and state) have started providing clotting factor concentrates for all people with haemophilia (PWH) and many dedicated haemophilia treatment centres have been established.

Commenting about the treatment options Dr.Mangaiyarkarasi from the Government Coimbatore Medical College Hospital said that,”Early Prophylaxis treatment will reduce the comorbidity in theChildren.

The science of treating haemophilia has advanced a lot and we see newer advancements quite frequently. Earlier, treatment depended on blood and blood derived products exposing the patients to of the risk of blood borne infections.

However,3 rd generation recombinant DNA technology led a revolution that has reduced the risk to an almost non-existent levels. ”Earlydiagnosis, and treatment can ensure a healthy lifestyle and a normal lifespan for haemopiliacs said, Dr. Mangaiyarkarasi.

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