Great reception for new rules

The long-running tug-of-war over building permits is over. This has led to the large-scale elimination of bribery.
Corporations, in some municipalities alone, received online applications to build buildings. New websites have been set up in all urban areas for online application and fee collection.

Accordingly, building permit applications can be submitted on the website
The documents to be submitted along with the application should be uploaded on this website in the prescribed format.

Applications submitted online by the applicants will be added to the worklist of the concerned Urban Planning Surveyor and Engineer through the website.

The concerned authorities have to decide within three days whether there is a diagram based on the general building rules. Details of this result will be communicated to the applicant.

It is also advised to approve small residential buildings up to 1200 square feet within 10 days without field inspection. Model application forms are also provided to the local bodies.

This will allow the public to get permission to build buildings without delay.

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