Govt urged to reopen all Uzhavar Sandhais

TN farmers protection association president lawyer Eesan Murugasamy appealed to the government to reopen all Uzhavar Sandhais in the state as other vegetable markets are considered to be the centres for the spread of corona virus throughout Tamil Nadu.

In a petition, he demanded that the farmers’ markets be allowed to open immediately across Tamil Nadu in order to maintain the social gap and to save the livelihoods of the farmers who have been severely affected by the curfew.
A series of curfews have been imposed across Tamil Nadu due to the second wave of the corona virus.

As a result, farmers’ markets are closed and wholesale vegetable markets are reopened and sales are taking place at night. Sales of vegetables, fruits, flowers and leaves by farmers have been severely affected by the curfew.
Currently, farmers’ markets have been opened in Tirunelveli, Kanyakumari and Coimbatore districts.

Considering the situation prevailing in the respective districts, the respective District Collectors are issuing the order to this effect. So, farmers’ markets in all districts can be opened to disperse the crowds quickly while maintaining social space, he said.

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