Govt urged to renovate LBP main canal without delay

Various farmers associations in Erode district appealed to the government to renovate Lower Bhavani Project (LBP) main canal without delay as planned by it.

In a petition, they said ”the irrigation structures of the canal are crumbling as the Bhavani canal has been in use for 70 years.

So, it is losing its ability to carry water. Bridges over the main canal are weakened in many areas.

So, they should be rebuilt according to present transportation of vehicles. It is also necessary to strengthen the banks of the canal and replace shutters as they were in weak condition.

Some people misinform ryots about the renovation work by stating that ‘Concrete lining is being done across the main canal’ .

It has created tension among them. But the project report released by the Public Works Department did not mention that concrete lining would be done in the base structure of the canal.

If no renovation work is done to improve the infrastructure, the irrigation structure will be damaged and it will not be possible to supply water for irrigation to 2.07 lakh acre properly in future,” said ryots association leaders K. Vadivelu, K.C. Rathinasamy, S. Periyasamy, Kathirvell (a) Arumugam, Shanmugarasu and K.V. Ponnaiyan

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