Govt urged to postpone plus 2 exam

The General Secretary of the Tamil Nadu Graduate Teachers’ Federation Dr P Patrick Raymond has requested the Government of Tamil Nadu to postpone the Class XII General Examinations and declare summer holidays for all schools as the Corona epidemic is on the rise.

In a memorandum, he urged the Government to postpone the +2 general examination in the interest of 9.5 lakh students who are writing the exam, teachers, who are going to monitor the exam, and students who are going to use public transport.

All teachers were continuing to attend schools for some works as usual since the first wave of corona was seen in March 2020. Teachers over the age of 50,who suffer with diabetes, BP, and various ailments, were coming to school every day using public transport, though students are not coming and studying through online, Kalvi TV channel.

”Therefore, the Federation request to declare summer vacation for all schools (from primary to secondary education) considering the summer heat and corona environment”, he added.

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