Govt urged to fulfill its promises to doctors

KMDK state general secretary ER Eswaran appealed to the Central and State governments to give due incentives to those in medical profession to control the second wave of corona.

He said that when the first corona wave spread last year, doctors and nurses were revered and worshipped as life-saving gods.

The Prime Minister Modi praised and applauded them. State governments also announced various benefits for doctors and nurses. Special pay and insurance plans were announced. But as the first spread of the corona began to wane, promises given to the medical profession were not fulfilled.

All the doctors and nurses who worked day and night to save the lives of the affected people, knowing that the disease would spread to themselves and their families through them, were saddened and disappointed.

So, the doctors and nurses are not cooperating at a time when Central and state governments were fighting against the second corona wave.

In many hospitals, patients are treated with fewer doctors and nurses. Necessary oxygen supply was also not arranged due to lack of cooperation. Necessary life-saving drugs were also not planned and stockpiled.

All this is due to lack of involvement and lack of interest of doctors and nurses.It is not clear why the Central government, which used to pay tribute to doctors and nurses during the first corona outbreak, is now keeping silent.

We cannot escape the corona spread without fully deploying doctors and nurses. Governments must immediately fulfill their promises to those who work in hospitals. The government should come forward to pay the incentives as announced.

Immediate action is needed to ensure that hospital staff who work 24 hours a day do what is necessary without complaining.

It is the responsibility of the government to take action to fulfill its promises to them, he pleaded.

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