Government pay for ryots: Seeman

Seeman, the chief coordinator of the Naam Tamizar Katchi assured to give government pay to ryots, if his party comes to power.

Campaigning for his party candidates of Erode West, Erode East, Modakkurichi constituencies on Thursday evening, he said that ”We meet people alone without joining an alliance with anyone. Our purpose is lofty.

We continue to meet poll without making any compromises on our ideals.

We must win and seize power. Education, employment and political power should reachTamils. Everyone will get a job suitable to their education. Government will pay for agriculture and sell the products.

Doing any work is not disgraceful. We need to create a change in the mindset of Tamils ​​that it is disgraceful not to work.

Those who were in power didnot do anything for the past 50 years What are they going to do in the next 5 years?
Our candidates may or may not have money.

But, they want to bring a change for this community, he said.

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