Go to the residence and help

DMK leader and Tamil Nadu chief minister MK Stalin has appealed to DMK cadres to extend a helping hand by providing food to those who fight the deadly coronavirus despite their lives being at stake on the battlefield against the pandemic.

Stalin has said that he urges the DMK cadres, who are carrying out the project “Ondrinaivom Vaa” (Come, Let’s unite) to be involved in providing basic necessities to the people.

“The poor and needy people, those who are unable to cook at home, the elderly, people with disabilities have to be identified and provided with proper food.

The DMK should carry out this task of sufficing the hunger of those who are starving. I urge you to go near the residence of those in need and provide,” says Stalin.

This is certainly an admirable act. One of the most urgent needs today is to follow the path shown by MK Stalin and provide food for the unemployed, the homeless and the destitute.

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