Furtados School of Music introduces hi-tech music teaching technology, ‘Learn Buddy’

Furtados School of Music (FSM) has launched Learn Buddy which helps students face the challenges of choosing music as a career and the processes involved in learning music and assisting students and teachers in making the experience more convenient and comfortable.

According to a communication from the organization, Learn Buddy is meant to assist school teachers to create a video-based environment where they are able to monitor the progress of each student through her master screen and help them improvise.

Students will learn how to create music as well as read music successfully.

This will help formalize music education in India and provide opportunities for young musicians to learn new skills.

The teacher or instructor must simply select a piece of music and assign it to a class.

Every piece of music is broken down into seven parts (chosen from the most popular songs).

“As the world becomes more digital, it is important than ever for children and parents choose music learning because it aids in a child’s overall development by improving motor skills, cognitive ability, brain functions, and emotional development” said Dharini Upadhyay, Co-founder of the organization.

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