Fund released in advance to unorganized labour welfare boards

Unlike the practice of getting fund after collecting applications from the members of unorganized labour welfare boards, the CM released fund in advance to the boards to help the members get the benefit without delay, Housing Minister S Muthusamy said.

He distributed Rs 1.03 cr benefit including pension, death assurance, medical, marriage, education aid etc to over 4418 members of 18 boards, doing 53 type of vocations, in the district at a function held at the collectorate.

He said that in the interest of the unorganized workers, the fee for registration with the welfare board and the fee for renewal were canceled.

The Office of the Assistant Commissioner of Labour (SSS) has been set up in each district to facilitate the workers to get various benefits.

The registration was made through online to avert any kind of irregularities. It was reported that there was outsider interference in registration and some people sought more fee for registration.

Action will be taken against such persons. Besides, steps will be taken to streamline online registration. TU leaders can air their grievances to Collector or to him anytime about workers problems including touts interference.

In addition, the Collector would hold grievance redressal meeting once in 2 months to settle the problems, he added.
The ACL (SSS) S Gayathri said till June end 13000 members enrolled their names and renewed their registration.

The worker members can join skill development programme in the ITIs to upgrade their skills and get a certificate for it. It would further improve their career, she added.

Collector H Krishnaunni, MLA, AG Venkatachalam, DRO Murugesan, Labour Assistant Commissioners Murugesan, Baladantayutham and many others participated

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