Frequent leopard movements in Valparai

The public is threatened by the increasing number of leopards in Valparai. Valparai Anamalai Tiger Reserve is located in the Coimbatore district.

The place is rich in wildlife including leopard, tiger, bear, elephant and bison. Recently, leopards have entered the town of Valparai in search of food, killing and devouring domestic dogs, cats, chickens, goats and cows. Over the past two months, the forest department has taken steps to capture the leopards in the Valparai area.

In Valparai, leopard movements have increased in Kamaraj Nagar, Kakkan Colony, Children’s Park, Banana Garden, Anna Nagar and Co-Operative Colony. In this context, it came to light yesterday that surveillance cameras recorded footage of three leopards roaming the MGR Nagar area near the Gandhi statue in the central part of Valparai at night.

It is noteworthy that these areas have a bus stand, a government primary health centre, a veterinary hospital and a high school in a large residential area. Surveillance camera recordings of leopard movements have gone viral on social networking sites causing fear and panic among the people. The public has demanded that the forest department take immediate action.

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