Freebies a challenge to self esteem of people

The political parties are vying with one another in announcing freebies from birth to death.

It is a challenge to self esteem of the people, rued TN Toddy Movement president lawyer C Nallasamy.

He said that the situation is that anyone who is giving money for votes can win in the election.

By this way, any party can capture all 234 segments.

Such a trend is a death knell for the character and self-esteem of Tamils of Tamil Nadu.

Political parties continue to rally to announce unnecessary freebies to seize and retain in power.

From birth to burial there is no place that is not free.

India did not have any debt burden when the British left the country.

Instead, today the Tamil Nadu government has put a debt burden of Rs 62,000 per head.

Political parties have not mentioned in their election manifestos the means to repay this debt.

This is an expression of the fact that each of the parties has lost their vision.

If this situation continues, the crisis in the former United Soviet Socialist Republic will surface in India.

The tragedy of standing in line for hours for a piece of bread would develop in our state also.

People’s Awareness is must to protect the Freedom.

If the people do not realize this, it will be a pity that Tamil Nadu could be the hunting ground of political parties.

It is only when voters hate and exclude unnecessary freebies that the country is sure to step on the path of progress.

That path will lead to the Golden era, he added.

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