Four including father, son held for selling ganja

Anthiyur Police on Thursday arrested four persons, including father, son, son-in-law and a relative, who belonged to the same family for selling ganja in Anthiyur.

Police have received information that ganja is being widely sold from Tavittupalayam area next to Anthiyur to other areas.

When the police conducted a vehicle check in the Tavittupalayam area, they stopped and checked a car that came through.

It was revealed that 21 kg of ganja was hidden in the car along with the packaging. Jayapandi (49), a resident of Fourth Street, Tavittupalayam, who was in the car, was involved in the sale of ganja along with his son Sivapandi (26) and son-in-law Pandi (40).

Also, it was found that their cousin Govindaraj (38) had distributed ganja to them for sale in bulk.

Following this, the Anthiyur police seized two two-wheelers used for selling ganja and arrested the four and sent them to court custody.

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